Why You Should Indeed Give up the Struggle to Succeed


Ain’t it grand?

Sure is.

Ain’t it work? You betcha.

But this whole struggle and strive to succeed thing, well..

I think it’s got to go.

It gets in the way of performing at the highest of levels.

It isn’t attractive to me any longer, my friends.

It also isn’t attractive to those who have been successful and gotten burnt out, that also realize it is getting in the way of higher levels of success and leadership for themselves.

That there are more efficient ways of being, doing and having than just slogging it out day by day, always climbing and barely resting.

It has just been my journey and path that blazing in full out action no matter what led me to a place of total burnout, stress and little to no results.

So I’ve got ‘me a mission now.

Let go, and let flow my friends.

In truth, you don’t have to follow a flow-based model and it’s not better if you do fundamentally. Some people really get off on working hard and constantly it gives them a sense of purpose.

It used to for me as well, but I’m all about the path of least resistance now. Which BTW I’m learning is the key to higher levels of success, oddly enough.

Especially if you consider yourself a high-achiever and performer.

A super-hard worker that will work to the ends of the earth to be successful.

Certainly a redeeming quality, and also a potentially deadly one.

Deadly to your higher levels of success, that is.

I used to never let up. Now I know when to let up, because it not only affects my enjoyment of my life (which happens at work too BTW) but my creativity and performance go down, too.

It ain’t no fun, if the homey can’t have none.

AND I still want big success and I work towards it everyday. Believe me creating things and making lots of money and impacting wider is FUN.

So, what can you do to get out of striving mode and towards the flow if that is something you are interested in?

You can:

  • Take 3-5 deep breaths while looking completely away from your computer screen
  • Get up from the computer and walk around (or dance like a fool)
  • Do some jumping jacks (or pushups, I love ‘em!)
  • Call a friend and BS or gossip (lovingly that is)
  • Go for a walk outside (and don’t come back until your mind is settled)
  • Learn how to better control thought, and your mindstate (more advanced but one of the most powerful we can do)

….just do ANYTHING that makes you feel good in a moment of stress, funk or overwork.

What you also have to start to understand is that you’re feeling bad energetically is your system tell you something is up.

Feeling good emotionally is actually our baseline default and is how we are meant to feel pretty much all the time, except for rare instances.

Believe it.

Our conditioning growing up tells us different, and us being miserable is a signal of our system being confused by this bad programming. It isn’t a requirement to struggle through stress, and that should be the lesser experience, not the primary experience.

When we consistently feel good (flow) not only do we enjoy it more but we are more creative and perform better.

The trick is to find your flow, the path to it that works for you.

We have to look at not only what we are doing, but also how we are creating the whole, entire thing via our points of view, beliefs and thoughts.

Which influence HEAVILY our actions and results.

They drive the whole thing, in fact. Especially if you want to learn the path of least resistance to higher performance and phenomenal results.

But only if you are interested in that sort of thing. :)


P.S. Have something you are struggling with on the road to success or struggling to maintain? Hit reply and ask me a question. I will respond with my answer in an email or video to help you – so it can benefit you AND everyone reading these emails.

BTW If you are a high-achiever or know one that is struggling to keep up with success – think successful but not satisfied – constantly pushing, grinding and driving but not happy with it, then shoot me a reply or forward this email to someone who might be able to use that help.

As one of my mentors says “what got you here, won’t get you there” meaning to your next-level of success. And the funny thing I’ve learned is that it is often about subtracting in order to increase our results, and to have more success and satisfaction TOGETHER.

You see, I believe you can have what you want in terms of success and satisfaction.

The way I work, I make sure we are a fit far before even talking about coaching together, and actually get them taking steps towards what they want and to start getting results, before even dropping a dime on coaching with me. They may not even need me, and it all comes back in the end.

I believe in giving first that’s how I roll.

That’s how I FLOW.







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