Why We Should Be the Best Versions of Ourselves and Play Full Out

An open and vulnerable share for you today.Rafael

Yesterday was a devastating day for many of us in a tight-knit coaching community I am a part of.

A shamanic healer with a heart of gold named Rafael Bejarano was killed in Egypt in an apparent accidental military attack on the tourist group he was a part of, on his visit to an oasis there.

This was his 9th trip to that oasis, so it was a place that he clearly loved to visit, that held meaning for him.

It was a violent end to such a loving, joy bringer and the peaceful people that he was with.

Rafael was a truly unique spirit and had an amazing talent of creating transformational experiences through didgeridoo music and shamanic ceremonies.

I was in tears on and off most of the day, because his death impacted me in a way I didn’t expect.

Though I didn’t know him well, he impacted me and was there at a time I was beginning to learn the value of the work I do as a transformational coach in the world.

It makes absolutely ZERO sense to my intellectual mind.

Senseless violence.

Carelessness towards human life.

And in the absolute sense of Spirit and the grand scheme of things, I have learned that to try and make sense of these types of things just brings suffering for those of us left behind.

I learned this well with the death of my mother and her struggle with Lou Gehrig’s disease at 66.

And the death of a high school friend last year at 38 who left behind a wife and two daughters, from a stroke where he basically drank himself to death.

So I feel both sad and in awe and the things my tiny egoic mind can’t grasp in the grand scheme of things.

We’ve all suffered, it is part of the human experience.

At the same time, in my heart I can easily celebrate his life and the impact he made by all the outpourings today on Facebook, remembering Rafael.

The passionate Mexican man who I met at a 3-day intensive, exchanging few words, but having heartfelt exchanges and feeling like soul brothers in our connection. Just genuinely liking each other for no reason at all.

And he gave us the gift after the intensity of taking us through a didgeridoo ceremony and entrancing us all to a higher state of consciousness without words, but with pure sound and vibration.

It was an experience I’ll never forget. What a gift!

Rafael was that type of man who shared his heart with anyone that was open to it. He shared gifts like this with many he crossed paths with.

Though I hardly knew him in person, I felt I knew him on a soul level, as many people did.

Life is precious.

The unfolding form of life is impermanent.

To grasp this form brings suffering, to let go brings continuity, truth and flow of experience.

Because we all come, and we all go in our human existence.

I believe that in tribute to those we have lost we can venture to life our best lives, and be the best versions of ourselves and “play full out.”

Never from a place of “not-enough-ness”.

That is pure ego.

But from a place of good enough…and how far we can take it in joy and bliss.

That is from the place of the infinite capacity of life – the one that we are made of.

That’s what I mean by the subject line today.

It’s our birthright to live our full potential in that sense.

It’s what those who have gone would want for us anyways.

And since we are them, too, it’s actually what we want.

You see Rafael was an adventurer and one could easily make the story up that “the world is a dangerous place” and one should be safe as possible, and “watch out.”

Screw that story.

Rafael played full out til the end!

You are the powerful creator of your destiny and it’s up to you to choose to play the game full out in your own way.

Never a “should” by any means, but always a choice.

Only if you want to. :)

You will be missed brother Rafa.






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