Why Making Money + A Powerful Mission = Big-Hearted Impact

Do you have or want a powerful mission to serve the world in a bigger way?mission-n-money

At times I have really struggled with this, but my mission is clearer than ever.

Which I am going to reveal in a moment.

But first:

I want to talk about something that is often overlooked in terms of impact, and that’s…


It’s kind of crazy but I have long thought that impact and money weren’t linked, kind of the “rich people are bad” kind of mindset.

Yes, there are those will be cutthroat about making money and don’t care about doing damage to those or the world around them.

That exists for sure.

But I really pay no mind to them anymore because I realized my limiting beliefs around money were making me focus on them, preventing me from seeing how impact and income can (and I think should) be tied together.

I’m also not saying you can’t impact without money, but I’m talking about something I’ve realized here and while it would be great to have a world where money is no longer needed, that’s just not the case here and today.


I FINALLY see the light of those people that see money as not only a thing to take care of them and live the lifestyle they want in prosperity (a very good thing), but also to make a difference in the world for things they believe in.

Causes that support more health, humanity and love instead of destruction based on doing whatever it takes to stay on top or ahead of others because there’s “not enough.”

You see, I thought that only a certain kind of person could do good with money like Oprah or Richard Branson, for example.

While I’m no where even close to their level financially, I see underneath the glitz of their success on how impact still means more to them, way over money alone.

Money is not inherently good or evil.

It is what you project onto it.

To geek out in a Star Wars fashion – if money were “The Force” and you become a master of it you get to choose the path of The Jedi (good) or The Sith (evil).

The free will is in your hands.


I have become ULTRA-CLEAR that money can be a very powerful force when directed behind powerful missions that serve the world, especially in some place that you feel it can make a difference.

Whether you have the goal of generating your own money to channel and impact in the world in a way that is important to you, or be in a role where you can flow money towards an impactful cause.


To work one-on-one with influential and successful leaders that have mastered the money game but feel that making money just isn’t enough anymore.

Leaders who want to step into more impact in the world by leveraging their influence in terms of relationships and money to impact the world in a way that will have their blood singing everyday they wake up.

Smartly impacting from THE HEART. Something that touches truly touches spirit.

The world needs more of that.

I need more of that.

And maybe you do, too.

I have an invitation for you…

If that description fits you or someone you know, I’d like to know how I can support you or them.

One of my highest and best points of service is a powerful conversation on what that vision is for you, something that lights your heart on fire, and like I said above truly has your blood and spirit singing.

You probably don’t have clarity around what that is yet, and that’s how I can help.

What I promise is that I’ll fully show up to support you in drawing that out, and you’ll walk away with a sense of clarity and inspiration to move forward, along with the next step to start today, not sometime in a vague distant future.

I just ask that you answer a few simple questions before we talk, I’ll block out 90 minutes for you.

No, it isn’t a sales call – it’s an “in service” call.

Because I don’t work with people unless it’s a right fit and we are both inspired, and I’m sure I can help them before even considering working together.

100% transparency here.

And what inspires me on my new mission is have more “in service” conversations with successful leaders that have the money figured out (at least on some level) but have a deeper sense that they really want to have a heartfelt, hell-of-a-bigger impact on the world around them.






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