Tony Robbins On The 6 Human Motivations – Why We Do What We Do

In the coaching and personal development world, Tony Robbins often gets mixed reviews.

I’ve certainly heard some bad things about his company operates, from people that have taken his seminars.

But I like Tony.

I think he’s an excellent coach and has a superb understanding of how human beings work and how to elicit change.

I don’t plan on taking any of his seminars, but I like watching him speak in videos.

He talks about the 6 basic human needs which I thought were right on point:

1. Certainty
2. Variety
3. Significance
4. Connection & Love
5. Growth
6. Contribution

If you haven’t yet check out the Ted talk “Why We Do What We Do”:

What needs in the list above do you relate to the most?

Where do you feel you are lacking?

What is your initial emotional response, when you look at what you lack?

How do you cope?

How has coping benefited you?

What has coping cost you?

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