How Do You Know When To Take Inspired Action?

taking inspired actionEver get pissed off because you see people who seem to have it come so easily when it comes to taking action?

I know I have.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think we all have felt that.

We think “how do they take action so easily?”, and “why is it so easy for them and not me to just act?”

Well, it isn’t so easy.

That’s just our minds projecting an image of what we think we see.

I was sitting here wondering what kind of blog post to write, and I got this feeling to start writing it, so here I am taking inspired action.

I did it.

My mind fought me, but here I am in the flow, writing this and feeling a release of expression and energy going on.

I feel relaxed and calmer for just having started typing, without thinking.

My mind jumped in and said…”how will you write this? What points will you cover?”

Ignore. Type, type, type.

“How long will the post be? Who will read it and actually care?”

Type, type, type.

I love you…but shut up mind!

I started contemplating (note I didn’t say thinking, maybe it is just semantics) about all the inspiring rushes I have had in the past to take an action, but that I didn’t follow.

As in writing that post, creating a new audio program, asking that girl out, or to go on that trip without knowing exactly where I am going.

Yes the pain of regret is there, but mainly when I don’t accept what cannot be undone.

Oh sure, then the process of  beating myself up and berating myself with words like “you’re lazy” “you aren’t taking the action that will make you successful.”

Correction…MY MIND thinks that, not me.

Either way, what good does it do to beat up on yourself? Has it ever really motivated me to take more action?

I’d say maybe 1% of the time it has worked. Probably even less.

So what does motivate us, if beating up on ourselves doesn’t?

Taking that inspired action…now.

Just following the impulse. Breathe. Fall into the flow.


As you read this, what action are you inspired to take? That your mind says “no you can’t / won’t / shouldn’t do that.”

Take the first step.

Getting up out of your seat.

Out the door.

Into the world you want.

Remember, it’s the same mind that tells you not to do it, is the same one that beats you up later for NOT doing it.

How crazy is that?

My suggestion: don’t listen to your mind at all. Let your mind do its thing.

Follow that impulse in your body, NOW, to take whatever inspired action is coursing through your veins.

I swear you’ll be happier for it.

Though your mind will tell you differently.






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