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But first, a small preamble.  If you are brand new here to the site, here are the principles that are at the foundation of Everlution.

Everlution is a movement to help filter out the best self-growth processes from the watered-down fake and fluffy ones.  Because advice is worth nothing when it has no context, or can’t be applied to your life.  

I believe the power is in integrating what holds meaning for you, what’s important to you, and doing the practice and work to integrate that into you, so you can have the great life you want. In order to change we’ve got to practice new ways of thinking, feeling and being!

1) No matter what I say or anyone else says, you have to do what works for you.  That means you must testing things for yourself and not by into what I or anyone else says.

2) Practical and pragmatic rules over inspirational and feel good in the moment.  While feel good is great and can help, I’ve found that often times feel-good only approaches give no lasting change or transformation for improvement of self or life.  It doesn’t mean we can’t use feel good techniques when appropriate, but often feel good can be an avoidance of a bigger change we need to make for real progress, success and ultimately happiness by living the best lives we can, for ourselves.

3) In order to create lasting transformation and conscious evolution in one’s life, for real change we must practice new ways of thinking, feeling, behaving/acting leading to new ways of being – and usually all in unison.  Though reading something may inspire or send you in a new direction, it isn’t enough; practice makes for real transformation.

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Articles & Guides to read first:

First, if you want new self-growth resources  check out:

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Oh…and here’s why I don’t like positive thinking only approaches, sorry I just don’t.  After years of banging my head against the wall with them:

But it’s true, a little gratitude never hurt anyone!

And don’t forget that you can:

Lastly, if you want to take it “out there” a ways you can Bend Reality, Turn your Universe Upside Down with:

I hope that’s enough to get your voracious self-growth appetite stared.  



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