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(That’s good morning in German….I’m so freakin’ global.)

We are starting off today with question-coffee to wake you up:

Do ever feel like there’s something inside you, a message,
or a passion that you just want to speak to the world?

To let everyone know about it, but you might be afraid to say it
because of what everyone will think?

Or what they might say or do in opposition to your
passionate, heartfelt message?

Any time there’s a message out to the world someone speaks
with passion and heart, even if it is caring and gentle
there will always be those that disagree.

And that’s OK!

That is how I have been feeling about a message
I feel really strongly about.

It’s a message I’ve felt strongly about since I’ve had a series
of personal awakenings since last July.

A Passionate Conversation

The other night, I was having a friendly conversation on
the phone with another coach (who’s also a former therapist)
about what’s happening in our lives and businesses.

His name is Dr. Aziz. He helps shy guys become more confident to
have better dating lives, better careers and more happiness.

He’s one of the most genuine guys I’ve met in a long time,
and I just love his energy.

Aziz asked me what I was up to and I told him I was looking
for speaking opportunities.

He asked me “so…what are you going to speak on, David?”

Often when people ask me what my topic is, I try to craft it to
what they think will sound good.

Many times, I feel my energy drop, especially when I think
too hard about it, try to have a “niche” or be all business-like.

(If I hear the word “niche” again, I think I may ditch my dinner!)

I feel a knot in my chest because I try to figure out what I think
would sound good to them.

When can really feel inauthentic and something that
I think they would like to hear.

Ever try to please people like that?

Speaking My Truth

I paused for a moment. I felt into my body.

What I spoke next to Aziz though…well….something just happened
effortlessly without even trying.

This is what flew out of my mouth to Aziz from inspiration with
hardly a thought, it was my truth in the moment…

“I want to talk about how living and working from a place of well-being
can lead to a totally different kind of success and prosperity.

Instead of striving for the goal to be happy, and getting it, only to have a
fleeting feeling of satisfaction, it’s possible to live well and let success
and prosperity flow from there.

It sounds like a paradox, but it’s more than possible.

And I think the world needs more of that.

It’s like one way is always pushing and pushing. And that becomes our
model of success. Always trying to catch up, but never getting there.

Wearing ourselves out until there’s nothing left.

Coming from this state of mind, state of being, there is all this extra
mental noise there that affects our lives, our health, our relationships,
and our long-term success and happiness.

It affects everything. It’s not sustainable.

But when we come from well-being FIRST, it’s like having a blank
canvas, an untapped reservoir to where we can create in the world
without constantly pushing ourselves and WE ARE PULLED into
our highest vision, our purpose and our prosperity.

We still play the game full-out to win, but win or lose
we are still well in the end.”

I felt free and inspired as that came through me.

No One Else Cares Like You

It’s not necessarily a new message, it’s been said 1000
times before in various ways.

When it comes through my own inspiration, it feels like new…

…and people feel THAT.

I finally realized this, because I’ve been on the opposite end.

I know some will absolutely love this message.

Others won’t care at all and say “sounds like Zen” or something like that.

They’re probably right. :)

Yet others will totally disagree and say “That’s total BS.
If I’m happy first, what am I supposed to do sit on the
couch and do nothing? How will I ever be successful?”

Unfortunately that’s a total scarcity-based mindset, stuck the
striving to be happy and successful type of thinking.

I know that because I’ve learned the hard way. Ask me how I know. :)

But in the end who cares if people agree or disagree
but my own little egoic mind, really?

In the end they don’t really care either, they’ll forget they
disagreed and remove themselves from my world anyways,
just like I would if something doesn’t resonate with me.

Life goes on.

Believe me, I love achieving things in the world, really I am! I’m all for it.

But I no longer will do it at the cost of my life or the lives of my clients.

Success and prosperity has to be redefined.

Let us come from kree-ayh-shun (creation in a Jamaican accent), mon!

What Do You Want to Speak to the World?

So I’m curious….

Do you have something you want to speak to the world,
that you feel you’ve been holding back on?

***Shoot me a note if you have something to speak to the world,
I’d love to hear from you.***

Here’s what I’m speaking to the world, right now.

I’m literally looking for speaking engagements.

It could be live in front of a group – big or small.

It could be local, national or international.

It could be online, via a webinar, tele-call style
or video chat to the world.

The format doesn’t really matter.

I’m open.

And I’m actually pretty damn good at it, a “natural” I’ve been told.

(All that time being a front-man in a band was worth something,
’cause it sure didn’t pay much!)

***Also, If you know of someone or somewhere in a cool and
open-minded event, group or organization looking for an
inspirational speaker to transform their audience,
let me know that, too.***

I’d be speaking on this very topic of well-being and success
going together, leading to a true prosperity. I’ll probably
talk about doing what you love, and living with purpose, too.

So let it be spoken, so let it be done!

Let yours be done, too.

Whatever truth is inside of you speak it both to
inside yourself and to the world.

Your voice matters, and it needs to be heard.







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