Reclaiming Your Personal Power With Possibility Thinking

After all these years of self-growth work, retreats, seminars and workshops, it still blows my mind how old stories can creep up and cut off possibilities for us in life.

How quickly those internal conversations in our heads can carry us away into resignation or even resentment if we listen to them.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the work and attention to being conscious and present doesn’t stop ever.

We can’t just take a workshop or learn something and then just expect it to be transformed.

No, my friends, the work continues on and on…and on.

So in this vlog, I talk about how I slipped into an old story that almost cut off the possibilities of doing something VERY IMPORTANT in my life.

Okay, not so important…but it’s a great illustration of how when we change our story, we can change the possibilities available to act on that are in front of us.

WATCH THIS VIDEO: “Reclaiming Your Power with Possibility Thinking”

Can you think of any situations recently where you’ve done something like I have, in limiting yourself, when only a slight shift in thinking made all the difference in your world?  

Where just that little shift opened up possiblities that were before unseen in your microcosm?

I still get excited when I experience this myself, or see one of my coaching clients go through a seemingly small shift in their reality, that makes the biggest difference in their life.

I’m in awe every time I have the honor of experiencing this with them.

I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.  Don’t be shy, let’s get the conversation going!







2 responses to “Reclaiming Your Personal Power With Possibility Thinking”

  1. Words are so powerful. That voice in our head affects so much that we do and so many of use don’t give it credit enough and take control of it. Nice, simple story. I like the idea of the story that we create. Thanks for the insight. :)

    <3 Nadia

    1. David Hamilton

      You’re welcome for the insight and nice to see you here. Drop by anytime!

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