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  • Why You Should Indeed Give up the Struggle to Succeed

    Success. Ain’t it grand? Sure is. Ain’t it work? You betcha. But this whole struggle and strive to succeed thing, well.. I think it’s got to go. It gets in the way of performing at the highest of levels. It isn’t attractive to me any longer, my friends. It also isn’t attractive to those who […]

  • Speak It to the WORLD

    Guten Tag – (That’s good morning in German….I’m so freakin’ global.) We are starting off today with question-coffee to wake you up: Do ever feel like there’s something inside you, a message, or a passion that you just want to speak to the world? To let everyone know about it, but you might be afraid […]

  • A Revolution in Prosperity

    This is for those of you out there who are entrepreneurs, or if you are aspiring to become one. I’ve got a special invitation for those of you who really want to take your business success to the next level, while enjoying the journey all-the-more. Are You the Entrepreneurial-Type  Wanting More Prosperity? Revolutions disrupt the status-quo. They challenge […]

  • Why It’s Good to Let Go of Control

    Why It’s Good to Let Go of Control

    We want to control it all. Our health. Our money. Our relationships. Our… So, what’s the truth? The truth is we have some measure of control, on some level, but never are really in control. We just aren’t in control, of that many things, if you really take a look. We aren’t in control of… […]

  • Letting Go of the Separation: Spiritual Is Practical

    Letting Go of the Separation: Spiritual Is Practical

    So I had a huge epiphany on a three-week break I took over the holiday season. Actually I had several epiphanies, but the biggest one was about the seeming separation between the “sacred and the secular.” Said another way, the made-up separation between the spiritual and the everyday practical. Part of this very insight was […]

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