gratitude list - thank you

Gratitude List-Making: Danielle LaPorte Keeps The Fire In Our Hearts Burning

gratitude list - thank you
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I’m very happy to have run right into the inspiring-powerhouse-of-a-human-being known as Danielle LaPorte and her new book “The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms“.

I’d seen Danielle around for a while, through a buddy of mine from the past, Marie Forleo, from my NYC living days (a big shout out to Josh Pais, too!).

Marie and Danielle are part of a group of inspiring, kick-ass female entrepreneurs who will set your soul on fire and propel you into action.

I didn’t really know what Danielle was about until recently as I’ve been “hanging out” over at The Skool of Life and chatting with site owner Srini in the comments.

He recently did an awe-inspiring interview on his BlogCastFM site with Danielle, and I was up late last night listening to it.

Danielle recently wrote the post “What Do You Want That You Already Have?” and it inspired me to talk about what I do everyday, in my practice of gratitude.

Here’s what I’m grateful for on this day (These days, I often do this walking out the deck here in Colorado, by the amazing Rocky Mountains):

The beautiful Colorado air and sky (sunniest state in the US!)
To have been here when my mother was dying and passed on
To leaving my well-paying job in NYC, to begin working for myself
To finally waking up to my passion business, and focusing on doing what I love
To love being with people I care about
To having deep, inspiring, passion and possibility conversations with others who want the same
To be able to do Tai Chi practice 4-6 a week (learning to kick ass with well-being, UH!)
To be living what I teach, with power, authenticity and passion
To being done with the unfulfilling ways of my past dating life, and onto the search for greater intimacy in relationship with a beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and self-aware woman
To being compassionate with myself and others
For  being able to play and write music that I want
To be alive in an amazing time of possibility
For my love of tea, and the Earl Gray Cambrick!
To starting a mastermind group with creative and inspiring people to make money with meaning and authenticity
For my wonderful friends and family, I’m so, so grateful.

That’s just the short list. The power of the gratitude list, is an endless well of abundance, I’m happy to say.

What’s your gratitude list for the day? Get on it, now.

I love Danielle’s approach of being grateful for any little thing you can think of. Some of the most powerful gratitude affirmations (or gratitude prayer, depending our your beliefs) and realizations happen “in the dirt”.

Meaning: Finding the beauty in the negative or a tough situation (i.e. for me, it was my mother’s sickness and death), instantly transforming your perspective.

Robina Courtin and Pema Chodron, have both had a profound influence on my perspective on finding light in the darkness.

In “How To Be Your Own Therapist” Robina says “learn to like your problems, like you like ice cream.” Talk about profound, deep, simple and RAW.

What I’ve learned is that gratitude goes hand in hand with compassion and self-acceptance.

Hell, what doesn’t go hand in hand with compassion and self-acceptance?

Gratitude and love go hand in hand, in my experiential book of life thus far.

Maybe it’s just my pespective but the more I’m soft and flexible, the more alive and vital I feel, and I find the strength in the softness.  Damn, how much I’ve changed.

Catch me five years ago, and I’d probably roll my eyes at someone saying that.

Doing a daily practice to develop an attitude of gratitude is a life-changer.  Take Danielle’s advice make that gratitude list of what you want that you already have.  No actually, make it a gratitude adventure.

You’ll be amazed at what shows up in your life, that you never dreamed possible.



2 responses to “Gratitude List-Making: Danielle LaPorte Keeps The Fire In Our Hearts Burning”

  1. Good job David. i like what Robina has to say. “Learn to like problems like you like ice cream.” Sounds good to me.
    Being grateful for the little things, like a flower bloom is wonderful. My thought is how would you feel if you never seen another flower in you life time.
    Sounds to me like something good came out of your mothers death. I bet you have some wonderful memories of her. She would be proud, but I am sorry for your lost. I do know the feeling from losing my own mother, though mine was most likely much older.

    Nice to meet you David and thanks again for a great article.

    Blessings to you,

    1. David Hamilton

      Yeah she’s just brilliant. Watch that youtube video if you get a chance…it’s a bit long but so worth it. When my mother was dying I watched it about 4 times. Thanks for your kind words…and for dropping by!

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