Living From Your Greatness

greatnessI have been a hardcore self-growth junkie for the last eight years straight.

I’ve seen it all.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I have often found it is easy to want to focus on bettering my weaknesses (aka beat the hell out of myself), break through fears (after which nothing is there to inspire me), and overcoming adversity (now I’ve overcome this one, let’s find another to make me miserable!), than it is to go for living fully form greatness, passion and inspiration.

I have played that game for far too long, and far too many times.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this old model of improvement, that is still around and has been ingrained in me.

Can you relate?

What if we switched our primary focus to always looking at what we are great at already, or cultivating more greatness. It doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge our failings…but what would happen if we didn’t focus on always trying to better them?

What if by focusing on our greatness it naturally improved our “weaknesses” too?

We all have greatness in all of us. Yes it is more refined in some that others, because it has been tapped into more often, or practiced more.

I certainly doesn’t mean our own limiting perspectives  barriers, and fears  won’t come up…they will. It means that they come up as part of the path of letting greatness lead and are points of growth and learning, instead of issues to overcome.

Of course there is the flip side too, the airy fairy “positive thinking” only movements, and a lot of poppy Law of Attraction garbage that is riddled with ego-based nonsense that you can have anything you want (as if that would actually bring true joy, having more stuff). You just have to think it and it will manifest like magic. Then happiness just follows.


So here’s the question I have for you:

What will you choose to practice?

Overcoming your “issues” or…

Connecting into the greatness that is already there, that you’ve been ignoring that can naturally help you learn how to lift yourself up to your next level?







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