Why It’s Good to Let Go of Control

letgoWe want to control it all.

Our health.

Our money.

Our relationships.


So, what’s the truth?

The truth is we have some measure of control, on some level, but never are really in control.

We just aren’t in control, of that many things, if you really take a look.

We aren’t in control of…

…The earth going ’round the sun.

…The blood flowing through our veins, it does that on its own.

…How many thoughts our minds spit out every minute.

(Insert area of life you might want so badly to be perfect, so you can feel finally OK about life.)

The Need to Control, Gets in the Way of It

But we go around life, as if we need to control things.

As if those things were so different out there to control than our cells reproducing, or our stomach digesting food.

What if they weren’t?

Wouldn’t that be easier?

What if the need to control, was getting in the way of control?

“David!” you say.

“That doesn’t make any sense, how could needing control, pining for it, get in the way of it?”

Take a look.

How do things turn out when you are constantly trying to be in control?

My guess is pretty damn miserable. It’s an ego game, and it sucks.


My Old Friend Alan

My friend Alan Watts says it best. If you have never heard him speak before, you won’t forget him now.

At the beginning, he says these amazing words:

“In giving away control, you’ve got it. You’ve got the kind of control you wanted.

You had a loving relationship with the world, but you didn’t have to make up your mind on what it should do.

You let it decide.”

(Listen below it’s 3 minutes well spent.)

Let go of control.

Watch miracles happen.

They already are.


Out of your control.








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