What People Say About
Coaching With David Hamilton

I have worked with some incredible & talented human beings over the years.

(You can probably relate to them.)

These amazing souls range from talented professionals to executives to entrepreneurs who want to be
more successful and experience more well-being and fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.

 So here are just some of them and here's what they say about
the coaching experience - and results that came from our work together:

What I appreciated most about working with David as my coach is that he helped me see that what I had separated as personal goals and professional goals are really interrelated. I am more successful, more fulfilled when I’m able to address both. And in a way that’s different from a mentor or colleague he holds me accountable for commitments I’ve made during the coaching sessions.

David helps me uncover challenges and focus on things I’ve accepted as being part of my personality or ‘who I am.’ He shifts my focus to what my goals are and what I want to accomplish.

Leila Violano
Director, Comcast


David is amazing and deserving of a 5-star, platinum, diamond encrusted recommendation. Before I started coaching with David, my state of mind was a lot like a NYC traffic jam – cluttered, frustrating and keeping me from reaching my desired destination any time soon.

David shared some ideas and insights that supported my intention to calm down and prepare me for the discovery and creation of a massive vision for my life and business. He is insightful and intuitive and applied these tremendous gifts to co-pilot some gigantic shifts in my life that honored where I wanted to go. I give him my highest recommendation for any entrepreneur or executive looking for guidance and support in the quest of a greater sense of well-being, peace of mind and success.

Mel Sheppard
President, essentia Webworks


Having David as my coach has been nothing short of exceptional. He allows and creates a safe space in which we can explore finding my true life purpose. David has taught me that finding your purpose comes from the heart (not just the mind).

I’d recommend coaching with David to anyone who is at a crossroads in their life or looking to break through barriers to success. He is an amazing coach, and a guiding light to those who are seeking direction on their path. Thank you David, for supporting me in my journey to explore my life possibilities and dreams!

Irv Stern
Project Management Consultant


Through David’s passion, perception and dedication, he enables his clients to create a vision that is vibrant and full of possibility, based on methods which guide each person towards their truth.

By putting in place active steps, David’s coaching generates incredible results and provides support to overcome fears and achieve the desired goals. With his incredible intuition and deep empathy, he is able to guide, break through clouds of confusion and tap into what is at the core of the issue.

David is always positive and generous, and working with him is a true adventure towards self-transformation and success.

Jeri Silverman
Actress & Musician


I had an incredibly powerful experience with David Hamilton. I was just expecting to figure out a few business related challenges and what I got out of it was far far more! He is so easy to talk to that I found myself opening up, digging deep and discovering more about myself than I had in a long time.

Through our conversation, I was able to get crystal clear on my ‘big why’ – my motivation behind everything that I do. It was truly a life changing experience. Seeing the changes in my mindset and decision making over the last few months has been an eye opener in a very, very good way. I feel more present in everything I do, and more aware of the pitfalls I had been hung up on.

Molly Dugan
CEO, Social Roadmap LLC


David’s coaching was vital to guiding my small business through this growth phase. I had no idea how vital the personal growth piece was to everything I do in my business. In just three months of coaching, I realized an over 30% increase in profits.

Seeing the changes in my mindset and decision making over the last few months has been an eye opener in a very, very good way. I feel more present in everything I do, and more aware of the pitfalls I had been hung up on.

Joe Romeo
Consultant, Techminds Consulting


I’ve never taken a training course with such openness and ease. David is such a great supporter with an incredible open mind to ideas and conversations that arise.

I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to not only learn about state-of-mind and how that impacts my results at work and in business, but also to have met an extraordinary human being and facilitator. Thanks David!

Leah Heldman
VP, essentia Webworks


David has this ability to listen to a situation and ask questions which open me up to possibilities which I wouldn’t see on my own. He comes from a centered position and he has helped me see more clearly my business vision and to act on the right strategies, all the way to the more spiritual side of my life.

My time with David has been fantastic, his coaching and feedback are extremely helpful and I’ve benefited greatly from the coaching relationship with him.

Scott Spofford
Seniors Helping Seniors