Just Create

We all have the ability to create.

Everyone single one of us.

I don’t care if you are the most creative artist, a business broker, a mother, a civil engineer or a 7-11 clerk.

I have come to learn that creativity it is something innate to being human. It is just that some of us have cultivated it more than others, and in different ways. Look at all we have created over the ages.

Through ancient art and modern music.

Building massive bridges and long-spanning roadways.

Conjuring up tasty recipes and love poems.

Photo: Dayna Bateman

It is all creation. It is natural.

I Have Been Creatively Impotent

I have been in a place where my so-called creative flow has been blocked for a while.

At least that has been my B.S. story that I’ve believed. It has been in my believing of the story that has been holding me back. Simple.

The story is not true, I have just made it true and giving it power. I coach people around this every week, and still I am as susceptible as the next person to this phenomenon.

Of course, I am.

I’m human after all.

I have been making excuses like:

“I don’t know what people want to hear, I’m just not sure what to write (on blogging).”

“I am tired of making videos with my webcam, I need to upgrade my video setup so I can put out higher quality videos BEFORE I make any more videos (on vlogging on my YouTube channel).”

“My music is old and outdated. I’m not playing enough and need to get back to it (on writing songs and recording an album).”

In my last coaching session with my current coach Amy Johnson, we talked about creativity. I spoke of how I have forever had the thoughts that I am no creative, even though I have penned at least 30 full songs, and many more unfinished songs. Lyrics, poems, etc.

It seems sort of absurd. But the conditioning of my mind is standing out in 3-D right now.

None of it is true if you look at the reality of what I have created. Even at some of the heights of my songwriting in the past, I had those thoughts and believed them.

Unblocking Creativity

This posting is a declaration of unblocking, simply by creating it.

I got here by simply following inspiration when it hit this morning.

(I have been playing the game of following internal flow/inspiration – that’s actually been the most powerful shift for me as of last, and drew me into publishing what you are reading here. I’ll write more on playing that game in another post.)

I was stewing around in tons of ideas for posts after watching a documentary about the biggest music promoter in the world that artists and audiences owe so much to (U2, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rollings Stones) called “Who the F**K Is Arthur Fogel.

Here are a bunch of drafts that I’ve conjured up. Some will make it, others won’t. The point isn’t what will or what won’t make it.

The point is I am in creation. Even more important is that I am publishing this post, without perfection.


showing posts


Truth be told, I didn’t really want to create. How do I know? Because I would of if I did.

Like I am now.

Even though I feel my inner perfectionist telling me not to publish or share this post.

The clearest declaration of a want – is what you are doing right now.

It is perfectly OK to be doing or not to be doing, whatever it is you are doing.

(Mind scrambled now perhaps?)

One Message for You

I have no powerful or inspiring story in this post really, just a simple message.

If you are feeling your creative flow blocked, or that you aren’t creative, it can all change in an instant.

I just did before your eyes, and it was nothing great necessarily.

But it was a creation. That is what matters.

Regardless of how good or bad I or others may judge it to be.

Right now the floodgates are open. They may close again and that is OK.

I am just one thought, one action, one word away from creation, when I am believing I am uncreative.

So are you.

Just create.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

Create, my friend.







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