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How To Relax Your Mind, Body And Soul (Plus A Simple 3-Step Exercise)

how to relax your mind body and soulWe are so connected in our ultra-modern era…cell phones, email, social media, video chat and a dozen other ways that are probably looming on the horizon for communication.

Yet, things can get quite frantic with all the information coming in from all directions, not to mention the responsibilities with family, friends and work.

So how do we relax amidst the craziness of it all?

It’s all interwoven these days, it’s really hard to get away.

So in trying to relax yourself, figuring out just how to relax your mind, body and soul isn’t always easy to do.

We have to actively make time to do this, on a daily basis even now more than ever, to maintain well-being and balance in our lives.

Here are some simple tips you can do today to relax yourself, before we go through a simple yet powerful three step relaxation technique.

Breathing – I can’t stress enough the importance of learning how to breathe properly, and not only when you’re stressed, but at all times that you can.

Learning how to breathe properly at all times is essential. Belly breathing is one of the most basic forms of breathing, which involves breathing down into your diaphragm, expanding your belly, and continue on the inhale to expand your chest.

Then you exhale in the reverse order, always doing this gently and naturally.

Rejuvenation – We often think that just going to the gym and cranking out a workout is the right way to go to relax ourselves.

But can you see how this frantic pace, while exercising our physical body, doesn’t do much for our mind or stress levels? A good hard workout is good from time to time, but you are still running at full steam ahead and not giving yourself time to relax.

Scientific research shows that de-stressing and really relaxing is the key to anti-aging and living a long, vital life.

So lighting some scented candles, taking a slow hot bath or a shower, or meditating for even 10 minutes will do wonders to help you relax your mind and get out of the stress zone.

Let it All Out – Sometimes we need to just to let out our frustrations and worries to a close friend. So calling or meeting up with a person who can listen and empathize with us, is often a great way to relax.

It’s important that we don’t go into victim mode and get too negative, it should be done in a way where we let out our frustrations, but in a positive manner, and with lightheartedness, even joking about the stress we’re under.

Be Grateful For What You Have Probably one of the most difficult skills at first to master, but in the end one of the most rewarding to learn in our fast-paced society is…the attitude of gratitude.

We can do some gratitude list making right on the spot to get out of our heads and away from all that we wished we had but don’t, and to be thankful for all that we do have. I swear learning how to do this will relax you in a profound way that will change your life for the better.

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Now onto the exercise to help you relax yourself right here, right now.

How To Relax Your Mind, Body & Soul in Three Simple Steps

1) Sit or Lie Down

Find some time each day (preferably in the morning) to do your relaxation practice. You can do it sitting or lying down, and even if it’s only two minutes start, that’s perfectly fine.

I know some of you will have incredibly busy lives, but I guarantee there is time there, or that time can be made.

We often make up excuses like “I’m just too busy to slow down” or “there’s no time”. In fact, those are just beliefs that create frantic living and have probably been doing so for a while.

So make it a habit to commit to that two minutes (and increase slightly every week) to relax your mind, have a seat or do it when lying in bed when you first wake up.

2) Breath-Focus

Always start with your breath, breathing into your belly first, then expanding your lungs gently. Take at least ten breaths, while just simply noticing your thoughts and letting them go.

Take more breaths if you can or want; the idea is to get present with your breathing, one of the most vital elements of our existence that we often forget about.

Sometimes we take it for granted and forget altogether.

3) Pick A Positive or Inspiring Word

Next pick a positive word.  Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Relax
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Bliss
  • Connected
  • Infinity
  • Universe
  • Life

…Or anything that comes to mind that makes you feel full and alive – yet completely relaxed in the moment. Use this inspiring word as your mantra for the relaxation session.

You can say it in your mind, picture it, and most importantly feel the experience of relaxation and rejuvenation it brings you.

The word may also shift into something else and that’s fine, as long as it stays in a positive direction.

It’s important to feel it in your body, and deeper “into your soul” as it were, so it resonates throughout your entire being. It may be difficult at first, but with practice you’ll be able to snap into feeling deeper more easily each time.

As your mind wanders away from the inspiring word (which may have shifted for you) into other thoughts, simply bring your focus back to your breath and your inspiring word.

Just keep doing this until your five minutes is up, or you feel relaxed and ready to get back into your day.  I invite you to sit there for as long as you like.

RECOMMENDED: If you’re having troubling relaxing, consider putting on your favorite low-key music, whether folk, ambient, or classical, etc.

Also there is a technology which I used from time to time called “brain entrainment“, which uses audio sounds to help induce meditative states more easily, but is generally recommended for longer sessions of thirty minutes or more.

These tracks help induce alpha meditation states.

I use BrainWave Entrainment Software by Transparent Corp, which allows you to make your own custom tracks.

I hope the three simple steps here on how to relax your mind, body and soul helped you and you practice them.  Of course, there are endless ways to do this, and there’s plenty of information on these practices here at Everlution,

Check out the “Mindfulness” category for more articles and processes like this.






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  1. Great tips here, David. I really like the idea of thinking of a positive word and continuing to come back to that. I chose “love.”

    1. David Hamilton

      Yes it’s a simple technique that works well. I also recommend doing mindfulness meditation as well (I wouldn’t only recommend positive only meditations alone). Thanks for coming by.

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