How to Get Your Power Back

Ever feel like you’ve lost your power?power

Or that it has been repressed or stuffed down?

Maybe it’s been a sense that you don’t belong in a certain room or among a certain group of people.

That’s EXACTLY what happened to me this weekend.

I was at a really amazing conference for coaches called Serving the Incredible.

It was all about how to increase both your impact and income as a coach, together, authentically.

Not always an easy thing to do.

It was truly an awesome event.

The focus was really on impact in particular.

There was a moment during the weekend when an entire Q&A panel of powerful coaches were up in front of the room answering questions.

It was definitely a display of success and power …and it was impressive.

There were talk of people charging $75,000 per client per year, and more.

Big numbers and all of that.

None of that phase me anymore, I’ve heard those enough and know what’s possible and out there.

But when they started talking about the kinds of clients they work with, on world-changing levels, my energy started to cave-in.

Like the World Bank.

Celebrities and rock stars.

Hedge Fund managers.

Charities associated with Richard Branson.

It was then that I started to feel very small, powerless and like I wasn’t doing enough.

Over the course of 30 minutes I started to feel that I DIDN’T BELONG.

I started feeling really depressed, sad and isolated.

And then I had this thought come across my mind:

“Look at what THIS is doing to ME.”

That was it. I caught it.

I caught the fact that I was 100% playing victim to the fact that nothing can be done to me psychologically that isn’t already in my thought system.

They weren’t making me feel any way.

I was making me feel that way, through my comparison thoughts and beliefs.

So I started the process of trying to unravel the ego trap I was caught in. I started to look at how I was creating the entire thing as a projection of my mind.

The session ended and I couldn’t shake the feeling. I could hardly talk to anyone I was in such a self-pitying, ego-hole.

Then I saw the light outside of the hotel front lobby.

It felt good where the light was, so I took steps to go out there.

I stayed with myself, looking to see how I created this, every step of the way.

I followed my “feel good” and next thing I knew I was in a convo with another coach smoking a cigarette, enjoying the view of a multi-color parking garage and watching the whole ego-trap dissolve within seconds.

I saw clearly again.

I saw that I had “100% Creatorship” of my experience in that room, and of everything in my life.


And who took it away in the first place?


The insight I really gained here is that our power can’t be taken away, we only can give it away.

So if you are feeling disempowered in any way I suggest you take a look at how you are creating the experience of disempowerment.

That you took your own power away, no matter what someone says or does to you.

I know it might seem extreme, and in a sense, it is.

But it’s just how empowerment works.

It is your life, your choice my friend.






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