How to End Procrastination (in Six Minutes)

Procrastination (Photo credit: Alex Such)

What if I told you that you could end procrastination forever?

I bet you would never believe me.

Wait…are you calling me a liar? Or even worse a lying coach?

Ouch, that hurts! That’s my worst nightmare. I don’t like nightmares, as much as you probably don’t like procrastination if you are reading this.

Oh yeah, back to this post on procrastination.

I was just procrastinating on that.

The Six-Minute Rule

So one of my mentor coaches is called Steve Chandler. Steve is a funny, badass of a coach, and he has a very simple method of ending procrastination, right now. Like right freakin’ now.

Like when you are supposed to:

  • Call that someone you know you could help given the challenges they have been facing, but you just can’t seem to take action (for fear or laziness)
  • Train that new employee but sales are slowing down and you’d rather spend your time getting sales in the door even though you know you should train her
  • Get your shit together for your accountant because it is tax season
  • Work on systems and processes to so you can hire right – and remove yourself from boxes in your business that suck up all your time, and that you hate doing…but it just…ain’t…happening! No matter how hard you try.

How do you end this cycle of starting, then stopping? Or not even starting at all?

You are in luck, because I’ve got the genie in the bottle. That’s why I get paid the big bucks.

Learn this phrase:

“Just six minutes.”

Just commit to six minutes. That’s it.

Six minutes of starting that supposedly insurmountable, daunting task that you know you need to do to move your business forward. You don’t have to look beyond those six minutes, ever.

It’s the six-minute rule, smarty-pants.

Set your timer on your phone to, you guessed it:


Make it a LOUD freaking alarm. I prefer a nice ambient kind of song for my alarm. You can even make it ambient and loud.

Then, when those six minutes are up, you can choose to continue doing the task or project at hand in that moment or you can stop and check-in to see if you should continue.

Pop the Big Question

Ask yourself the all important question, when six minutes are over – and your alarm is blazing your favorite Jay-Z song:

“Self, do I want to continue (or am I enjoying) this task? Is it the highest and best use of my time to continue?

If you choose to CONTINUE good for you, you’ve won the game.

If you choose to STOP, then good for you, you’ve won the game, too.

Either way, you overcame procrastination.

Just six minutes.

Just that small commitment that can get you going on that project that might change the flow of your business, so you can keep building your significance, time, money and lifestyle.

Six minutes to end that procrastination you have been stewing in and to get moving onto what you need to do, so you can build the business and lifestyle you have always wanted.

I mean it is why you became an entrepreneur in the first place, right?

Read the book Time Warrior by Steve Chandler if you struggle with procrastination. It is a transformational time-management book, highly recommendation.

Carry on you world-changing entrepreneurs and beat procrastination dead today if it is coming at you like a time-killing zombie.

Leave your comments below on what happened when you used the six-minute rule to end procrastination.

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