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How To Design Your Life More Powerfully: Influence Vs. Control

discover how to design your life today!This one idea alone helped to snap the law of attraction and manifestation into place for me, solid.

It helped me manifest more of what I want, but then keep me from getting delusional about what I wanted, all in one stroke.

It’s this:

You DO NOT CONTROL what happens in the world or even what happens to you. But you do GREATLY INFLUENCE IT!

Have you ever seen any of The Lord of the Rings movies?

This movie is a great metaphor for the concept of “Influence Vs. Control”.

One of the most powerful and influential people in the film is Ian McKellan’s character of “Gandalf”.

If you haven’t seen those movies, you should, if just for the fact to watch people trying to control everything.

However Gandalf, while extremely powerful, understands that he cannot control things, though his power is great and he does have a lot of influence, he also remains humble, knowing that so much is out of his hands.

What’s more is he does all he can to support the film’s hero Frodo, to save the world.  Frodo too is a master of this, very powerful, influential, yet humble about it all.

But it’s easier to see with Gandalf because his power is greater in a more obvious sense.

What’s also interesting to note is that even though he is a “good guy” his dark side comes out – he is actually a “holy” character, meaning fully integrated both light and dark sides.

Learn to become a wizard.  Learn how to influence and design your life and shape it as you want.

There is a ton of gray area between what is possible to have in our shared reality, and what are personal limits are. That’s where I like to play, and help people achieve more…both in terms of their own success and their happiness.

Once you realize that you influence your life and what happens to you, then the world becomes an entirely different place.

Now it is important on HOW you do this, and that’s what I write about here, as well as teach about in working with people one-on-one and also offer courses and products on this very topic.

Take responsibility, learn to handle your ego and its fears, get into life and don’t look back.  Though you don’t have much control in the end, you do have a great deal of influence.

You have the power, it just needs to be developed and there are ways to do that.






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