How to Create The Life You Really Want By Recreating Your Identity

Do you feel like you know who you are and what defines you?identity

If so, awesome. If not, cool too.

But either way, I’m going to suggest that there is no “this is just who I am.”

It is entirely self-created.

That is how powerful our MINDS are in creating our state of being, which affects our actions and results downline.

If you want to rapidly shift, the most powerful place to make a change is in your state of being, especially if shifting your actions isn’t doing anything substantial to change your life.

Said another way, you create who you think you are and there is no “James” or “Julie”.

All the conditioning and associations we have in our thoughts makes up who we think we are, which drives our state of being.

Which is where your deep power resides.

All this “Oh that’s just how I am” or “that’s just not me”, holds no water when we talk about realizing our potential and creating success and satisfaction at the same time.


Because my dear friends, I’ve been through some transformations thinking things like “I’m not a sales person” or “I’m not athletic” or whatever that one thing is, that I think I’m not.

Only to find out I was crystallizing that identity into reality and in the end BS’ing myself, because it’s not who I wanted to be.

OR one I was caught in for many years…

“I’m a musician, that’s just who I am.” (Big ego trap)

Yes I am a musician, but it’s not just who I am. It’s a self-made identity, a role.

Following me?

When we get too identified with any particular role, eventually we will suffer in some way. Especially when circumstances that we think should fit that role don’t go our way.

Really, I don’t care if someone says that. But every time I hear a statement like this of who someone thinks they are or aren’t – I think “are you sure? Ok then.”

I have to catch myself doing that too, and realize what I am doing. But each time I do I question it inside, I earmark it. I challenge it or dissolve it.

The more you gain awareness around this, the more powerful you become in shaping yourself with who you want to be by choice of your free will.

I had a client recently to me:

“David, it feels inauthentic for me to be more expressive in conversation. It just doesn’t feel like me.”

To which I simply asked:

“How do you know you’re not being inauthentic NOW by not being more expressive like you want to be?”

That hit him like a brick in the face, and he got it. Because he realized he DIDN’T want to be the shy, non-expressive self in conversations.

We are talking about the game of the created self here.

It is easier to just believe “I am who I am” which is totally made-up and self-defined.

We are constantly creating our reality via our thoughts, and shaping (or maintaining) our current self. Letting go of old, limiting self thoughts while actively creating new thoughts of the self we want to be, is the fastest way to ACCELERATE a shift in our state of being, and therefore our actions and results.

Like a freaking Jedi.

So who do you think you are currently?

More importantly who do you want to be/become?

Time to drop the old-self story and start creating the new, if you want a major shift in your life, business, career or relationships.

Whatever is top priority for you.

So I have something I want to share with you.

Apparently I’m becoming the “let go of meaning” guy the last two times I’ve been interviewed.

Letting go of meaning, especially around the things that I have suffered with, has been powerful for me in overcoming mental limitations and a created self that no longer serves me.

By dissolving meaning I’ve found it allows us to “blank slate” and create on the canvas of being in a way that holding onto our current identity set, and reshape the whole thing.

I really do believe it can be powerful for anyone.

We can connect the dots however we like, and if something isn’t working for you – try un-connecting the meaning dots you’ve connected together, you just might like the results and find some wonderful things you wouldn’t expect.







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