the power of the mind - how to harness it

Harnessing The Power Of The Mind

Harnessing the power of the mind allows words to be turned into new realities. In the 20th century, science came to a revolution of thoughts regarding the human brain and mind, because fundamental perspectives changed with the advent of quantum physics.

For years, common thought regarding the brain was what developed as a child stuck with the individual throughout life.

In addition, it was thought that chemicals and neural connections were to doom the human thought process, consciousness, behaviors, habits and ultimate reality.

The idea of free will was ignored for the most part.

Today, new breeds of science like quantum physics, digital physics and even plasma physics offer hope that the mind has the power to influence changes in physical reality.

Harnessing The Power of The Brain

You may find it fascinating to know that all human tissues, including the brain is made of essentially the same ingredients.

Somehow, the cells that make up the brain provide man with conscious thought. While a computer recognizes keystrokes, it is not conscious of what it is receiving.

However, man perceives and processes thoughts with a consciousness that he is doing so.

The brain is made of neurons, specialized cells that grow axons and dendrites. Axons distribute information to other cells while dendrites receive input from the cells.

The communication takes place through chemicals over synapse.

At birth, the average human has 100 billion neurons. Each has already or will soon make connections to help the body to act and the mind receives input.

Neurons map connections during growth based on one’s experience. The mind is not mapped through DNA alone.

Through time as well as repetition, the brain learns connections needed to thrive and function.

A newborn has no sense of location on the skin where touch is happening.

This comes through experience so that every speck of skin learns where it is being kissed or touched. The mind is mapped based on experience.

While babies from birth to six months can perceive vocal inflections of any language, once the child reaches the age of one year, he or she can no longer recognize the sounds of other languages.

The brain has trimmed away neural connections that have not been used repeatedly. For example, those whose primary language is Japanese find it difficult to distinguish between the words rake and lake.

As children they did not need to distinguish between the English L and R sounds and the ability is weeded out.

The weeding out process takes place between ages 0 and 3 as well as during puberty. These periods can affect brain chemistry and habits.

The more neural connects are used, the stronger they become, increasing mind power. Habits are formed.

Tendencies become groves worn into the mind through life experience.

However, this does not mean life is hopeless and the brain fates you to live the life you lead.

Rewriting Your Brain – The Power of the Mind

Scientific experiments with amputees show the mind rewires the brain to feel sensations that would normally be felt in the now missing limb in other parts of the body.

The process is called cortical remapping and works because the brain is “neuroplastic“. This process can even improve the brains of those who have suffered strokes.

The limb is rehabilitated by continuing to use until the brain determines its needs to map the input being received. This has lead to remarkable recovery.

The mind is in a constant state of flux. The brain maps can change based on what people are doing and the areas of the life and body needing most attention.

the power of the mind - how to harness it
Remapping Your Mind

In a 1995 experiment one group of pianist physically practiced 5-fingered piano exercises while another only thought about practicing the same exercise.

Each group was instructed to put their full attention to the exercise, a single note and finger at the time.

Both groups experienced changes in the motor cortex to the same degree.

The mind has power to change the state of the brain.

Because the brain is in constant flux and responds to the environment as well as sensory input on a continual basis. This gives hope to increase the mind power.

Even though modern physics and neurobiology have given great insight into how the mind and brain work, and even affect reality, they don’t always explain practical application of how to increase mind power.

Three Powerful Ways to Develop & Harness the Power of the Mind

1) Meditation: it has been scientifically shown that meditation increases mind power, self-acceptance, relaxation, presence, task-focus, and overall well-being and success.

There are even methods based on quantum physics like quantum entrainment which are highly recommended for exploring this space of mind power building.

2) Visualization: this is a second powerful tool, though not necessarily better than meditation.

For visualization to be powerful, it should be combined with mindfulness or meditative states to amplify it.

3) Brain Development Technologies: Using methods such as auto-hypnosis/affirmation software, brainwave entrainment and bio neurofeedback is an excellent way to develop your brain’s plasticity, to increase awareness, psychological flexibility and develop the power of your mind.

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