Getting Help Through Dark Times In Life

Dark times. We all have them in life. They’re just part of the game.

Sometimes we get through them on our own.

Other times we’re so lost that we have no other choice but to reach out for help because things can feel so dire and downtrodden.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some very dark times in life.

I can’t imagine anyone that hasn’t.

More dark times are sure to come – along with great ones too, not to be just a Negative Ned here.

Work must be done, battles won and lost, but there is hope for those in really dark places right now

With the self-growth I’ve done, and continue to do, it all helps me to deal with the struggles as they arise; to being fulfilled in this moment of now, while moving my life ahead, despite the pain and sorrow that may appear or the dark parts of my mind that will inevitably show up.

Some painful highlights in my life: when I first moved to New York City and was so lonely and barely knew a soul; to the ending of a relationship by a woman I loved at 30 just as I was completing my business and life coach training; the family battle that was lost against my mother having Lou Gehrig’s disease, I’ve had my share.

We all have those struggles; they might still hurt in some way when we reflect back on them, but surely we’ve learned and grown from the pain as well.

Enter my friend Jodi Chapman from Soul Speak.

Jodi is someone who has been helping me on my quest to continue to change and grow here at Everlution, just through our conversations.  I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know her over the past several months.

Not only is Jodi a fantastic writer and inspiring human, but also a kind and great soul. 

She was also kind enough to invite me along with a slew of other talented coaches and teachers to create lessons in her Coming Back to Life e-course, which is about to launch on October 1st.  

Many of you have probably seen it already, so if you’ve already signed up, good on you.  

You’re in for a real treat.

Jodi was kind enough to answer some questions I had for her from her struggles to transformation and why she created the Coming Back to Life eCourse.

Here’s what Jodi said to my interview questions on her mission with Soul Speak and her upcoming program.  


Do you have a vision/mission with the Coming Back to Life ecourse? What is it?

I definitely do! I was given a helping hand when I desperately needed one, and this ecourse is my way of doing the same for anyone who is currently feeling disconnected from life and is ready to plug back in.

My hope is that throughout this journey, the participants will remember how it feels to live fully and will begin taking concrete steps to embrace their lives again.

What’s the number one or most important lesson you’d like to tell people that you’ve learned in life so far?

Oh wow – there are so many that it’s hard to choose just one! The one that pops up right now is to know that we are all lovable and worthy.

We don’t have to do anything or be a certain way – we were born amazing and will continue to be amazing until the day we die.

And in knowing this, we can begin to treat ourselves as lovable, worthy human beings – instead of pushing and neglecting, we can love, support, and nurture.

On your toughest days in life (we all have them!) what do you do for yourself, how do you help/support yourself to get through the struggle? Any practices?

I just go easy on myself. I remember that I am human and therefore need to take breaks. I remember that I, too, need love and support. I take naps, read, camp out on the couch and watch movies.

I allow myself to lean on my loving husband who takes such beautiful care of me.

And I allow myself to be exactly where I am and let all of my emotions – whatever they may be – flow out of me.

What’s next in your future not only with Soul Speak but in life?

What I’ve found is that when we say yes to our life purpose – rather than resisting it because of fear (which I did for many years), the universe truly steps in and supports us.

Life begins to change quickly and things move rapidly. Because of this, I am excited to stay open to this divine flow and enjoy the ride!

That being said, I would love to continue connecting with others through Soul Speak and the ecourse.

Surrounding myself with others who are also on this journey is one of my greatest joys in life!

And I’m looking forward to finishing my Coming Back to Life book as well!

I hope I always remember to love well and live well. Other than that, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Thanks Jodi for taking the time to answer these questions for everyone that stops by at Everlution.

So here’s information on the Coming Back to Life eCourse.  I’m participating as an creator for Lesson Two where I open up the conversation on “Living Authentically.”

Proud to be a part of her course.  If you have any inclination or intuition telling you to sign up, just do it.

I can’t see how it wouldn’t benefit anyone taking it, who’s committed to doing the work.

All About the Coming Back to Life eCourse

Coming Back to Life Ecourse

The course begins on October 1st and lasts for 6 weeks. It’s a helping hand, a set of concrete tools, and a loving support system all wrapped up into one heartfelt course!

This course is for those of us who have ever felt disconnected from life – from our soul. It’s for those of us who have felt our light dimming. It’s for those of us who know that there is more to life than simply getting through the day.

This course is for those of us who are ready to plug back into this magical universe, reconnect with our soul, and open our hearts again. It’s for those of us who are no longer willing to just “get by” and sleepwalk through our days.

It’s for those of us who are ready – truly ready – to start living fully.

If you’re ready to:

♥ live fully and love fully.
♥ take responsibility for your life.
♥ push past your fears & reach your dreams.
♥ forgive, let go, and move forward.
♥ see the world with childlike wonder.
♥ reconnect with your soul.
♥ believe in miracles again.
♥ open up to this amazing universe.
♥ join a community of loving souls.
♥ be completely authentic and vulnerable (in a good way).
♥ join a course that comes from the heart and soul.
♥ come back to life.

…then this course is for you!

Features of the Course:

♥ Over 150 pages of love – including weekly lessons + soulful activities. This is where you get to show up for yourself. This is where you get to reconnect with your soul and discover who you are deep down at your wisest, most loving core.

♥ Heartfelt Videos. This course contains over 30 soulful videos!

Each week includes at least one video from me sharing that week’s message, one from an inspirational soul sharing their story, and one designed to teach, inspire, and offer concrete tools that you can apply to your own life.

♥ Guided Meditations. Each week contains a guided meditation that is specific to that week’s message. They are grounding and calming, and I find them to be so helpful.

♥ Beautiful offerings from over 35 soulful friends who are also on this journey of self discovery. These friends have been on a similar journey and are brave enough to share their experiences with you.

Whether they share their stories and inspirational messages through video, audio, artwork, or writing – they all serve the same purpose: to help lift you up and see that you are not alone.

We have all experienced the darkness, and we have all opened up to the light.

My beautiful husband, Dan Teck,
Kristine Carlson (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Series)
Jen Louden (The Woman’s Comfort Book)
Linda Joy (Aspire Magazine)
Amanda Oaks (Kind Over Matter)
David Hamilton (Everlution)
+ so many more!

♥ A private Facebook community. In this community, we can all join to support each other in our journeys, ask questions, and share our experiences. This community will be available to you even after the course ends.

♥ Weekly chat sessions. This will be a space where we can go deeper into the material, truly support each other at the soul level, and really create a tribe filled with love and nurturing energy.

I will commit to spending at least one hour each week there to talk in real time with you!

♥ My guidance/story. Throughout my life, I have found that I like to have things modeled for me – it helps me retain what I’m learning if I can see how someone else implements it in their own life.

With that in mind, each week includes my own experiences and what I have learned along the way.

♥ Soul Art. I have designed printable posters to go with each week’s message. Perfect for hanging up around your sacred space and filling your soul with love each time you see it!

♥ Surprises. Who doesn’t love surprises? I have a few fun things up my sleeve that I’ll be sprinkling throughout the course – gifts of love that I can’t wait to share with you!

♥ Bonus gifts. When you register for this course, you’ll received instant access to over $150 in amazing bonus gifts!

When you register, you’ll immediately have access to the private Facebook Group, where we are already getting to know each other!

You’ll also be able to download all of the bonus gifts and start going through them right away.

What can someone expect to learn from this course, and how will it change their life?

I do want to mention that this course can’t change your life unless you are willing to change the way you are living your life. You have to be open to it and you have to be willing to put in the work.

That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. I have read tons of self-help books throughout my life and was always disappointed when nothing changed.

Well, it was because I simply read the book but didn’t apply any of the teachings to my own life. I read them like I would read a novel – simply for enjoyment rather than to learn and REALLY change and grow.

If you sign up for this course and simply watch the videos and read through the workbook but don’t apply any of the exercises to your own life, I’m sure you will enjoy everything but I would bet that nothing in your life will change.

You have to make the choice to take action. You have to be so fed up with your current way of living that you are honestly ready to make a change.

And if you are, then this course really can help you. It’s based on what I went through in my own life, so I know that it works.

Once you decide to wake up and start living fully, you will begin to examine why you stopped living and then you get to figure out how to heal from that, forgive yourself and anyone else that needs to be forgiven, open up to the universe, and begin embracing your life again.

And no, it’s not always as easy as this makes it sound. But once you begin and once you feel that glimmer of hope again – that feeling that you probably haven’t felt in a really long time – you won’t want to turn around.

You’ll want to keep moving toward the light. I guarantee it. This course will start you on a beautiful journey that you will continue for the rest of your life.

You can sign up here for Jodi’s course.






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  1. Thank you for sharing about my ecourse, David. And thank you so much for such a heartfelt introduction. It’s true that we have all seen our fair share of dark times. And it’s so comforting for me to know that we don’t have to heal from them all by ourselves – there is an entire world out there just waiting to support us. Thanks for your wonderful contribution to the course – I can’t wait for everyone to see it! :)

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