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Get It Done Now! How To Get Stuff Done Easily

get it done
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Do you procrastinate often? All those things you know you just SHOULD GET DONE, but don’t do them?

Well, join the club. Everyone does it.

The real question is WHY do we procrastinate, and an even bigger question is HOW can we OVERCOME procrastination?

How can we get it done now?

1) Check your procrastination level – are you just being lazy and procrastinating slightly, or are you having major anxiety over getting it done?

Gauge your procrastination level, and be honest! This feeds right into the next step.

2) Get into your procrastination (aka fear) – no matter how big or small, there is probably some kind of fear underlying your lack of motivation.

You might not see it, but my guess is that it’s there.

What are you afraid of if you don’t get it done?

What are you afraid might happen if you DO get it done?

What’s holding you back?

What’s the payoff for not getting it done right now?

Don’t run from your fear, don’t resist it.  If you just start doing what you have to, while being with or “getting inside the fear” no matter what the fear is, you’ll be surprised at how it just melts away.

One thing to watch out for is “Musterbation”.  This happens when we get caught in conversations like  “I SHOULD get this done now” or “I know I OUGHT TO be a better person” etc.

“Shoulding on ourselves” just builds up undue pressure that we don’t need, which in turn generates more resistance to getting done what we want to achieve.  Plus that feeling of pressure on ourselves just stinks!

get stuff done more easily
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3) Check your values & goals- make sure that whatever task you’re doing is in alignment with your values.

That it’s not some task you are doing because of obligation to something or someone else, that isn’t in the integrity of your life.

Now, I’m not saying to use this as an excuse NOT to do something. Really check in with yourself, be honest and see.

If it’s something that is out of line with who you are, or want to become, maybe you need to farm it out to someone else, or you need to set a new goal.

Get it done sooner, rather than later by reordering, creating new goals or removing ones that aren’t important.

4) Make your daily to-do list the night before – if you’re having a hard time staying focused, I learned this great trick for setting yourself up for success for how to get stuff done, easily.

The night before, either write out or type out your list of what you have to do, just for the next day. I like to break it up into three lists: Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

That helps me focus even more for my day, as I’m the creative type who likes to go in a zillion directions, so funnily enough this system works well to reign me in!

5) Rinse and repeat!

So to get it done now, we have to honestly take a look at what we’re afraid of and what we value.

Then things get into motion rather quickly/ So get to it right now…time’s a-waistin’!


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