If you are a blogger or a normal human being that would like to contribute to Everlution, then I’d love to hear from you! I write as well, but also value great or epic content that someone would like to contribute.

Here are the Submission Rules.

Essays/Posts Must Be:

1) SELF-GROWTH AND AWARENESS RELATED: Any topic goes that is related to personal growth/evolution/development involving awareness and consciousness in some way. You can write about anything from health to money to love to family to relationships, pretty much anything goes, as long as it involves consciousness and self-growth at it’s base.

2) PASSION-INSPIRED: Written about something you are truly passionate. I want to feel that fire! Or water, water can be passionate too. Or earth. Or plasma. I don’t care what form, as long as you express your passion and enthusiasm for what you want to communicate into your writing.

3) STORY SUPPORTED: Needs to include a personal story (yours or that of someone else) or a metaphor to illustrate your point clearly.

4) WORD COUNT & LANGUAGE: At least 800 words (that way I know you’re passionate, see number 2 above) and the post can be as long as you like. Though I reserve to the right to ask you to split things up into multiple posts if need be. The article must be written in Native English.

5) BIO/LINKS (OPTIONAL): Please provide a bio of some kind. If you have a site, you can put one link with your site name that goes to your homepage, in the bio. You may also put only link to a page on your site that isn’t promotional and must point to highly valuable content on your site, and fit naturally within the article.

Please note I reserve the right to accept or reject anything, so please email me with a few topic ideas first, and then we can discuss what you want to write. Understand I want to provide the highest level of information quality out there, which I’m sure you’ll write, and so I need to filter the topics and writing accordingly.

That being said, I really do look forward to hearing from you over at the contact page.


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