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Using Alpha Meditation For Creating Positive Changes

alpha meditationAlpha meditation taps into the state of awareness of being nearly asleep but at the same time, completely awake.

This is a prevailing way to rejuvenate and create positive changes in your body and spirit.

Alpha meditation is a controlled technique that sets free and then harnesses the power of the subliminal mind.

It uses a combination of psychology and contemplation techniques, such as mindfulness meditation, creative visualization or even prayer for some.

Brain waves slow to half the typical rate at the alpha level.

When the brain is in an expected comfort zone, at seven to 14 pulsations each second, this is when a comfortable, relaxed state occurs that refreshes and heals the body.

It is a condition where an individual goes into a deep sleep and then wakes in the morning feeling very rested. This is a calm state that is used by alpha meditation.

You can induce an alpha state and reap the reimbursement within yourself from this resource.

1) BEGINNING: To start alpha meditation, you should ground yourself and breathe in deeply through your nostrils and exhale deeply.

While doing this, let go of the worry and stress that is troubling you, focus on your breathing. Continue this until you become calm with a slow pulse rate.

Realize that this will not cause stressors to go away, but through deep reflection and consideration, you will take control of them.

In this method, you can locate a spiritual center and the resulting balance offers you solid ground to stand on.

While your body unwinds and the burden of stress is released from your heart and mind, you achieve the state of alpha meditation.

When in this state, you are open, not vulnerable and you are powerful, devoid of being controlled.

2) VISUALIZE: At this point, visualization and deliberation become tools to be used to sharpen your will and your mind.

One visualization method used by alpha meditation is to envision the number “3”, three times in your mind, follow this by picturing the number two and then number one.

While you are visualizing these numbers three times, this activates a piece of the mind that does not have the opportunity to stretch often, similar to a cluster of muscles that have not been used much.

3) CONTINUE IMAGINING:  While continuing to deep breathe, you can imagine yourself in settings where you desire to be, or think about getting your novel published or perhaps being rewarded for excellent job performance.

In this state your thoughts are more than fantasy; they grow to be more real, and solid to you.

4) COMPLETION: When completed, count backwards from five, and open your eyes when you finish.

Alpha meditation is better than drugs because it captures an existing power source within a person and thrusts it out.

In the course of accessing this effortless, yet powerful procedure, you can enhance your life plus your spirit.

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