increasing productivity - slow down

A Counter-Intuitive Way To Increasing Your Productivity

increasing productivity - slow down

Time.  The elusive chronological time.

We all want more of it, but it just keeps ticking away.

In recent weeks, I’ve been voraciously interviewing people by phone to find out their concerns, challenges and frustrations in life.

I’ve been doing these to get in touch with current burning challenges and issues, in order to see if there’s a way to serve the world via online personal development programs and one-on-one life coaching.

What I’ve been noticing is a BIG TREND of the amount of overwhelm and lack of time that seems most of us experience in the fast-paced, ever speeding up days.

No surprise there right?

I certainly experience plenty of this myself, though lately I’ve been taking a very different tack in my approach to getting through the seemingly insurmountable pile of obligations constantly coming my way.

And it seems to be working well for me to increasing my productivity that is in alignment with my passion and purpose.

In my interviews, there’s a huge crossover between folks saying:

1) “I just don’t have enough time in the day”

2) “I’m overwhelmed by what I have to do”

3) “I’ve got too many pursuits (or commitments) to make any real progress.”

So what’s the solution?  Honestly, I don’t know, but I’ve been doing something different than usual that’s been helping me out greatly.

I’ve been using a “slow down to get more done” approach these days and it’s been working quite well for me. (Actually I’m also taking it even further, which I’ll post in another entry soon).

What in the heck do I mean by this, and how should one approach it.

That’s what the video below is for.  Please excuse the “YouTube talk” because that’s where I originally posted it.


Of course, this is my perspective on this, just my opinion, and there’s no right or wrong here.  

This video is really meant to get the conversation started.

Some post-video questions to you:

Do you think this “slow down to get more done” approach works or that I’m full of male cow excrement?  Why or why not?

What is your approach to getting done all you want to accomplish in your life currently, and how’s it working for you?

I’d certainly love to hear your answers in the comments below.  I’ll respond to every comment posted.

Make sure you check the box to “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” in order to see the answers from others and  my responses, so you can be involved in the conversation!






2 responses to “A Counter-Intuitive Way To Increasing Your Productivity”

  1. I felt exactly the same, overwhelmed and not enough hours in the day. I have changed my morning routine, and get up earlier to do meditation, and drink my warm lemon water. I have only started it 4 days ago but I feel already better. Also as you say try to do one task at a time and yes slow down, concentrate on that task and it gets done easier, don’t multitask. I have started to write lists of what to do and cross out what is done, like that I don’t forget something and I can set priorities. Still I think a bit of meditation in between and a good breather helps a lot.

    1. David Hamilton

      Yes the multitasking myth. It seems we can’t actually multitask per say, but what it really means is the ability to switch between tasks quicker. Thanks fr sharing your routine and practices as well.

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