On Quantum Spirituality: How Are Quantum Physics And God Related?

Is there a relation between quantum physics and god?Ever since What The Bleep Do We Know?! was released, it seems that there has been a resurgence of quantum spirituality in the West.

And for good reason, there are many fascinating links between Quantum physics, neurobiology, cellular biology and spirituality.

But how is Quantum physics and God related?

Well, it’s a strange thing, but I finally sorted this out for myself.

Here’s how I connected the dots.

1) Quantum physics is that of the small, going to the smallest level of fundamental particles.

And actually String Theory now proposes that there are even smaller fundamental units called “strings” (which aren’t particles) that everything in the universe is made of, even the space between matter or visible forms of energy/radiation.

This is the fundamental String field is where everything exists, including you and me, and also since we are made of it, WE ARE IT.

2) In Eastern religious view of God, God is everything.  God is within/without.

God pervades all there is, so in effect because you are made of the same stuff as God, you literally “are God” (of course on a much smaller level than all that is God/everything).

3) Since god is everything, and the Quantum (or String) field is everything, God is the Quantum field.

This is what many scientists and philosophers have been working on since the advent of Quantum physics, using Western science to prove what the Easterners have already figured out.  Amazing stuff.

There are hot debates that have gone on between scientists who believe consciousness precedes existence like Amit Goswami, Fred Alan Wolf (Eastern perspective merging science with experiential “data”), and more materialist perspectives like those of David Albert (Western, hard science only).

I tend to agree with the former scientists, because of my personal experience in this strange universe in which we live.

Materialists would of course say that consciousness is a function of reality, not that it precedes it.  It’s an interesting debate to consider and I appreciate the skepticism of the materialist perspective, even though I don’t fully agree with it.

I will say this, though I’ve never really been in agreement with the monotheistic, more materialistic/external God perspectives of Christian/Judiasm/Islam – I did have an experience when I was a child, where a Sunday School teacher, seemed to get it.

I went to Sunday School class because I had a sleep over at a friend’s house (my parents and family are not religious).

The next day at Sunday school class, the teacher was talking about God and that God is everywhere.  I distinctly remember her asking me what God is then, and I looked and pointed at a hill nearby and said “God is in that hill.”

She said, “yes that’s right.”

It seems that even in these types of religions, people that go to a deeper level find the same things as the Eastern tradition.

quantum spirituality - is it real?It took quite a bit of reading and sorting through all this information, along with experiencing deeper levels of existence through various forms of meditation.

For me to discover that “God is the Quantum field” using exercises in exploring the depths of consciousness and pure awareness.

Bottom line of what I’ve experienced and processed through my personal research and the research and experience of those like Goswami and Wolf is:

YOU ARE THE FIELD, YOU ARE GOD.  God is a metaphor for all there is.

What do you think?

What explorations have you done (if any) in seeking experiences like this?

What have you read?

Post comment below I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Steve Vernon says:

    Fascinating post, David, and one well worth reading. I just came across it by accident and was glad I did. It IS interesting that quantum science is certainly giving solid evidence to what the Eastern philosophers and spiritual leaders have known intuitively for centuries, and which carried over to the native American tribes, who, of course, migrated from Asia. Even if you read some of the Christian mystics, you’ll see some hint of this realization, but it’s sad that these thoughts and ideas have not pervaded traditional Judeo/Christian teachings.

    • David Hamilton says:

      Glad you came across the article, indeed! Over and over again, I get hit in the head how far behind Judeo-Christian teachings are in this area, though with more modern and progressive forms, they are finally catching up. Joseph Campbell said it best when he talked about the historical/literal interpretation that tends to happen in the J-C religions vs. the metaphorical use in Eastern traditions. Thanks for your thoughts and hope to see you here again soon.

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