Success the Anti-Difficult Way

falling successDoes having things easy seem like a pipe dream?

Do you ever get tired of working hard, and want an easier way to have more success in business or at work?

Ever feel burnt out and feel like you have to force or push just to keep up with things?

The answer to all these questions used to be a hell yes for me.

Until I couldn’t do the hard way anymore, even though the words challenge, hard and success all used to go together for me.

It’s a given that lots of effort and persistence are required in any field we want to master. Malcolm Gladwell has said it takes 10,000 hours to get really good at anything.

But it doesn’t have to feel hard, and that’s what we are talking about today.

The fact the when we get in the flow, succeeding can be easy.

I’m calling it the Anti-Difficult Way (which I totally made up) because I wanted to see if that caught your attention.

And because it felt creative and effortless.

Anti-difficult is what we are all about here.

Watch Out for the Pusherman

For years I listened to what I call my “internal pusherman” – the high achiever that takes action for action’s sake, to the detriment of my health AND my results in my career.

I had to let that all go, because I got so sick and tired of it. I found an easier way.

A way that is far more enjoyable AND brings great results as well.

We have a very special treat here today. It’s the first podcast ever on Everlution, with an awesome guest! This is the first podcast in what I am calling the Easy Success Podcast Series.

(Queue virtual champagne bottles. Virtual champagne is great to drink any time of the day, because you can’t get drunk, it’s really awesome.)

Anti-Difficult Success Podcast

My good friend David Secondo is a holistic business coach who helps healers of all types get more clients and grow their businesses.

We recorded this podcast in a park after playing a tennis match and we noticed how much state of mind affected our performance. So we decided to record a podcast together on how this impacts doing business/work and life.

In this short podcast, we discuss:

  • Why it’s good to go the path of least resistance and following the flow
  • Why teaming up with others is a great way to make things easier
  • Why doing what you love is key as well as having fun to avoid procrastination
  • How state of mind impacts our performance and turns difficult into easy
  • Why following the strategies and tactics (and even mindsets) of others, even though they are successful may not work well for you
  • How ancient philosophies can hold the keys to effortless success
  • Why you should slow down and go easy and not push yourself

Listen to it now – either streaming below, or download it.

Downloadable Version (Right click and Save-As)

Listening Time: 12 minutes

I hope you enjoy it on the path to easier success for yourself.

(Excuse the chirping birds in the park, they decided to join us in the background.)

With Love,







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