About Everlution

As human beings, we’ve gotten to where we are at because of evolution. So we really have no choice but to evolve.

But not everyone takes an active role in their own personal evolution like you do.

You don’t want the status-quo. You’re not satisfied with have a cookie-cutter life that society tells you to live.

You want more for yourself and those you deeply care about.  You want to evolve to your next level in life, and realize you have the power to do it, yet also know that you can’t do it alone.

You want the phenomenal life, that you know you truly deserve.

And you can have it.  You can get there on your terms, not theirs.

This is the mission of Everlution.

About David Hamilton, Your Coach and Host.

It’s hard to believe that seven years ago, I had little interest in evolving myself and becoming a better human being in all the ways I can.  I can’t even imagine being like this now.

As I write this, it’s shocking to me that my personal evolution is now my greatest passion. Even more, it’s vitally important for me to connect with people like you, to share, inspire and evolve together.  To read, to write, to experience, to have deep and fulfilling conversations with evolving souls like yourself.

I hope I can share what I do know as a personal development and human potential enthusiast and coach. For those who want to embark on amazing and alive adventures, while learning to live in silence and stillness; who understand that living in the paradox and mystery of life is where the magic unfolds, every day, in every moment.

You want to change, you want to grow and live your best life FOR YOU, just like I do. But we can’t do it alone, we need each other, because that’s how we’ve evolved; it’s how we got here.  We all get stuck in our fear at times, or frustrated with our life situation and just don’t know what to do about it.

At times we feel all alone, overwhelmed, and disconnected from each other in this crazy world.  We get too stressed out and lack balance, and don’t know how to slow down.  And then…we can remember, that we’re human and we need each other to live, evolve and enjoy more.

I’ve carefully designed the topics here to be simple, yet cover all the bases. Complexity is fun, fascinating and often mind blowing, but simplicity is useful, powerful and elegant.  I love both, and I hope you do, too.

The aim of these evolving topics is to help you improve your being, doing and having from relationships, wealth, health and overall quality of life – in all areas of your life – in creating your own perfect balance and harmony for your life.

Filled with simple yet powerful ideas, concepts, tools and methods to help you personally change and evolve as you want to; to redesign your life dynamically and on a whim if need be; but also to balance your life and enjoy it more.

It always starts in the here and now. If you make an active choice to personally evolve and “go down the rabbit hole”, as it were, I promise you’ll be amazed at what can happen fot you.

Things you’ve never even dreamed possible, just like they’ve happened for me, and continue to happen.

I’m a professionally trained coach via the action and results oriented coach training program at the Newfield Network in 2005.  I am a big fan of and well-versed in mindfulness-based techniques and practices like Acceptance & Commitment Training.

I’ve also coached and trained via my other site called “Social Expression“, where I’ve also developed an online course to help people dissolve social anxiety and learn to be socially confident.

Though I currently offer one-on-one transformational coaching, in the near future, I plan on offering programs and courses that give it my all across the rich disciplines of coaching, science, philosophy and spirituality, to support you in “ever-evolving” journey of yourself and life in this mysterious human existence we’ve somehow all dropped into.


You can get in touch with me, here.

To your “Everlution”!


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